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HEALinc Future Health Summit
HEALinc Future Health Summit

Our HEALinc Bridging-the-Future (HEALinc BTF) program focuses on Networking, Exposure, Training and Opportunity for the top 100 STEM students in the Bahamas and the Caribbean (ages 10 – 17). The HEALinc BTF program is sponsored by our Visionary Platinum Sponsor (Doctors Hospital Healthcare System (DHHS)).

The HEALinc BTF program runs as a parallel program throughout the main conference. The program has been part of the conference since the inaugural HEALinc Summit in 2018, and it has remained one of the unique selling points of the Summit. For certain key sessions (such as the Day 1 public lecture), these future STEM rockstars are immersed in the main adult Summit where they interact with conference delegates (scientists, healthcare providers, investors, and public policy experts) and posit questions to Summit Speakers during the Q&A and panel sessions.

Building on the strengths of the past, this year’s HEALinc BTF program will also include a strong virtual component that connects local STEM students to international opportunities in the USA and notable tech hubs in Africa.

Since 2019, Mr. Crachad Laing has served as our HEALinc BTF Director. This year, Crachad has developed a dynamic and exciting series of modules or ‘Quests’ for the 2023 HEALinc BTF cohort that will begin in the weeks running up to the Summit and culminate during the event itself.

The 2023 HEALinc BTF program will include:

  • Design Thinking Methodology

  • Programmable Devices and Systems (Electronics & Robotics)

  • 3D Modelling, Design and Animation

  • Rapid Prototyping (Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing)

  • Lean Manufacturing

  • Software Development


This year, thanks to additional sponsorship from Albany and the Windsor School (in addition to Doctors Hospital), HEALinc will launch the HEALinc Bridging-the-Future Scholarship Program at the 2023 Summit. The scholarship winner will be able to further develop their STEM skills and talents at either a summer camp in Silicon Valley or one of the leading tech hubs in Africa. Second and third prize winners will attend the newly-established Windsor School STEM academy in the summer of 2023. 

Bridging-the-Future Past Photos
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