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HEALinc Future Health Summit
Message from Founder and CEO

Welcome to the 2023 HEALinc Future Health Innovation Summit! Join us in creating a new story of “whole-person and whole-system” health, where our aspiration for quality of life and wellness for all beings and the planet engages diverse cultures and technologies, and inspires self-efficacy and enhanced personhood for everyone. The 10-year vision we articulated at our inaugural HEALinc Summit in 2018 still stands: By 2030, the primary focus of global health is on longevity, rejuvenation and preventing illness; the secondary focus is on reversing disease; and the tertiary focus is on treatment, or the reverse of the current situation. Creating the future requires imagination, courage and action. Realizing the potential of the future of health we envision requires accurate information, reliable science and operating systems that work. Since 2015, I have had the good fortune of being one of the key architects of an innovative ethical model prototyped in the Bahamas for creating an ecosystem where patients can access regenerative medicines and longevity technologies developed in the US, Europe and elsewhere in a safe environment with regulatory oversight. The major take-aways from this work? Breaking through the silos in health, the sciences and wellness, and policy is key. Beyond the opportunity of The Bahamas, the HEALinc Summits is a global collaborative platform to break through the silos in health, the sciences and regulatory authorities, and to create collaborative approaches that accelerate access to advanced longevity and regenerative medicines for patients with unmet needs. Most of all, the Summit is for people who want to learn from the best. The Summit brings together communities of top-tier scientists, clinicians and healthcare providers, investors, policy makers and regulators, commercial entitles and pharma. Join us at the 2023 Summit in-person or virtually. I look forward to meeting you all and to working together with you to advance “self-care is healthcare” as the emerging mandate for global health and personal wellness for all. Dr. Desirée Cox, MD, MPhil, PhD Founder/Creator and CEO of The HEALinc

Meet the Team
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