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HEALinc Future Health Summit
HEALinc Future Health Summit

Farhana Hasan

Founder and CEO, HerWILL

Farhana Hasan is the Founder and CEO of HerWILL, a US-based social enterprise dedicated to women's empowerment. With a focus on education, advocacy, discussion, and innovative technology, HerWILL aims to break social barriers and achieve gender equality by 2030 (UN SDG goal #5). Farhana is doing this with the unique approach to bring economic opportunities for girls and women by making Data Science and Artificial Intelligence education, employment, and entrepreneurial ventures accessible.

Farhana brings nearly 20 years of experience in global aviation, specializing in data science, business intelligence, aviation technology, and leadership development. As a senior leader, she spearheaded technology implementation for partnership development at Delta Air Lines, collaborating with strategic partners worldwide. Farhana's team created the first on-time performance forecasting model for Delta Air Lines, endorsed by the US Department of Transportation. She also served on the SkyTeam IT Executive Board and managed multimillion-dollar technology investments for partnership integration. Farhana's expertise extends beyond aviation, as she has provided consultancy services to organizations across the US, Asia, Europe, and South America. Additionally, she taught Business Intelligence for Executive MBA students at Georgia State University.

With HerWILL, Farhana combines her passion for women's empowerment, innovative technology, and data insights. Under her leadership, HerWILL has become a globally recognized brand, attracting reputable partners and achieving significant growth in followers. Farhana's unwavering determination and vision have paved the way for projects that create economic opportunities for marginalized individuals, particularly in the United States and Bangladesh. In recognition of her contributions, Farhana was honored as a 2022-2023 Distinguished Fellow of the International Women’s Forum. Her unwavering commitment to gender equality and women's empowerment continues to inspire others as she strives for a more inclusive world.

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