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HEALinc Future Health Summit
HEALinc Future Health Summit

Jessica Jorgensen

Leader of HEALinc Mindful Movement Sessions

Jessica Jorgensen is a massage therapist with over thirty years of broad national and international experience. An intuitive and empathic professional with an emphasis on aligning mind & body wellness, Jorgensen is also an Iyengar & Bikram trained Yoga practitioner with a lifelong focus on breath work.

With over a decade of experience in five-star resorts and spas within the United States and abroad, her focus is to inspire others to reach their maximum potential of wellbeing through holistic wellness therapies. A graduate of the Traditional Hospital of Thai Medicine in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and the Mueller College of Holistic Studies in San Diego, California, Jorgensen is completing her Master of Myoskeletal Alignment Technique under Erik Dalton this spring. She returns to the 2024 HEALinc Future Health Summit to guide attendees through breath work and relaxation.

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