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HEALinc Future Health Summit
HEALinc Future Health Summit

Richard Swift

Program Director, A-Club Initiative
Associate Member, Royal Society of Medicine

For the past 45 years, Richard has dedicated his work to addressing challenges encountered by professional business managers, particularly within startup and rapid scaling phases, and during times of unpredictable change.

The roots of A-Club trace back to a 1990s initiative aimed at facilitating doctors in Private Clinics to fulfill their ethical and legal obligations regarding patients' informed consent for diagnosis or treatment. This initiative, named The Therapy Database, has been housed within a UK registered charity for the past 27 years. It primarily focuses on chronic conditions commonly experienced around mid-40s, leading to a decline in vitality and stamina, followed by premature decline, dependence, and mortality.

Although initially envisioned as a straightforward solution, The Therapy Database faced unexpected challenges, encountering insufficient financial support. Persistence in resolving these challenges led to employing first principles thinking, alongside a pragmatic business-oriented approach to find effective solutions.

The resulting initiative, now known as A-Club, aims to highlight the enhanced capabilities of The Therapy Database and its associated support system, Compare Progress. This system was devised to generate consistent data, facilitating the completion of 'blank' areas within the database.

Richard engaged in discussions about an early iteration, initially named "The Power Programme," with Sir Paul Farquharson, the then High Commissioner for The Bahamas in London. This led to visits to New Providence and subsequent return visits.

Richard is excited to present a version of A-Club at the 2024 HEALinc Summit, tailored to aid some of the 30 million SME owner-managers in the USA in navigating contemporary challenges. After a lengthy journey, A-Club has finally come to fruition.

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