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HEALinc Future Health Summit
HEALinc Future Health Summit

Aisha Johnson

HEALinc Volunteer

Aisha Johnson is a graduate of Long Island University and a Master’s level professional with over two decades of experience specializing in complex family dynamics, therapeutic coaching, and program administration. Aisha’s approach is rooted in the belief that physical health and mental wellness are interconnected, and she seeks solutions that promote harmonious lifestyles.

Recently, Aisha has ventured into the technology space, envisioning a world where traditional therapeutic practices are integrated with innovative digital tools. Aisha’s commitment to holistic well-being showcases her ability to adapt and contribute meaningfully across various dimensions of healthcare and personal development.

Throughout her career, Aisha has consistently demonstrated strong leadership skills, innovation, and strategic planning abilities. Whether she is overseeing critical program expansions, spearheading marketing initiatives, or utilizing innovative technology solutions, Aisha approaches every challenge with a unique blend of analytical rigor and creative thinking.

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