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HEALinc Future Health Summit
HEALinc Future Health Summit

Nicole Collie

Founder, Gray Spaces
Co-Founder, Emerging Creatives
Graphic Design & Art Exhibition Curator, HEALinc

Nicole Collie graduated summa cum laude from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where she received a degree in Graphic Design. She currently owns her own graphic design company and is the founder and CEO of Gray Spaces, a non-profit organization where people can receive assistance with educational, graphic design, art, and writing/publishing needs.

Nicole and her art work have been featured in numerous international publications including Vogue Magazine, Wired Magazine, The World of Interiors, Traveller, House of Coco, and Abode2. Nicole's first show was in 2002 in Nassau, Bahamas. She has continued showing her work across the United States including Los Angeles, Memphis, Bossier City, Fort Worth/Dallas, and most recently at Van Der Plas Gallery in Manhattan. Nicole creates artwork that represents the strength, majesty, and beauty of women and their bodies. It is meant to inspire women to appreciate themselves as much as they appreciate the world around them.

Nicole has designed company logos, websites, and branding materials for corporations, nonprofits, and small businesses. She has also illustrated children's books and designed fiction and non-fiction book covers. Nicole is currently focused on her passion for building awareness around Gray Spaces and she is committed to assisting individuals of all ages in reaching their educational and professional goals, specializing in academic assistance, career planning, and bringing creative projects to life.

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