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HEALinc Future Health Summit
HEALinc Future Health Summit

Jean Chalopin

Journalist, Investor, and Bestselling Writer

Jean Chalopin is a seasoned entrepreneur with decades of management and investment experience. Jean formed his first company in France at 18 years old, which became the undisputed world leader in animation and children TV production in the 80s, with studios in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Paris.

From launching his first company to running several successful, future-focused firms across entertainment and storytelling, Jean’s early career set the tone for what would come next. Jean’s personal interest in innovations led him to put more focus on areas and activities that contribute directly or indirectly to the building of the future, with a concentration in financial services, insurance, and life sciences. Over the years, Jean’s dedication and advocacy to innovation has made him a recognized thought leader.

Today Jean is an investor and principal in several biotechnology companies and in innovative financial services, including banking and insurance.

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